20 Amazing Sites With Stunning (Free-ish) Stock Photos

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Whether you have a business website or a lifestyle blog, you need images to captivate your audience, grab their attention and to convert them to clients and customers.

When it comes to curating images for your website, blog, email marketing campaigns or social media feed, the safest choices are:

  • Hiring a professional photographer and booking a photo shoot session.
    • This is a great option if you’re a personal brand and need images of yourself, well, that aren’t selfies. Selfies may be OK for your social media accounts to show your spontaneous side. But for a business website you’d want something – let’s face it – more professional.
  • Taking your own photos.
    • As always: original and unique photos are the best. Also, if you took them, you own them. You can use them any way you want. And don’t need to worry about figuring out copyrights. Or how to properly give credit to the sources.


But not everyone has the knack of it. Taking good photos requires practice. You need to be aware of light sources, compositions, grids – just to name a few. And if you’re on a tight budget, or need something quickly for your blog or social media needs, well then just waiting for a professional photographer isn’t the solution.

Stock photo sites to the rescue

When a professional photo shoot is not an option and if you don’t trust yourself taking high quality and well-composed images, stock photo sites come to the rescue.

Let me ask you:
Do you sometimes spend way too much time scouring the Internet for images that’ll tell your brand story?
Do you spend hours searching for photos that are the perfect mix of creative and professional?

The below list of 20 stock photography sites includes free, freemium and paid options as well, all ready to serve your creative needs, be it for:

  • blog posts,
  • lead magnets,
  • email newsletters, or
  • social media promos.


Word of caution: Before downloading images, graphics or videos from any stock collections, make sure to read their fine print and how you can use their assets. If in doubt, reach out to them and ask. Or if it’s unclear rather look for another source instead.

Amazing free stock photo sites - no signup needed

Click the underlined stock photo site names and browse through their amazing libraries and offers.

Kaboompics has thousands of free pictures even for commercial use: from lifestyle, travel, food, laptop, smartphone, dogs. Check out their photoshoot collections.

If you’re looking to build a cohesive Instagram feed, or need images from different angles or a variation of images around the same topic for a creative project, you’ll surely find one that catches your eyes.

kaboompics stock images on display

Whether you want to spice up your social media feed with mouthwatering images or you actually run a cooking-baking-catering business/restaurant this is a good choice to start. The images are high quality and range from ingredients to full menus.

Not to mention the coffee and health section. Pizza? Did someone say pizza? Cos’ yes that’s in their image library, too. And now I’m hungry!

Promises a quirky, creative collection of free high-res pictures. They don’t have tons of images. As they say they’re “pretty choosy when it comes to the images we publish in our collection. We curate only the most interesting pictures, the ones with a personality, a perspective, a story to tell.”

Their collection includes categories, like: Animals, Business, Fashion, Food, Nature, Objects, People, Urban, Whimsical.

And having browsed through a few of them, indeed it’s not for the faint hearted. But if you’re looking for a twist for your images, give it a go! All you need to do is click on the selected image and hit the Download Free Photo button.

Off the beaten path, unique and non-stocky images. That’s what you find at Reshot. A diverse collection of landscapes, people, travel, food, plants, office, technology – just to name a few.
All for free. If you need a bundle of related images for a project, check out their curated photo packs, too.

As per their homepage there are 1090+ free stock photos on SplitShire at the moment of this writing. It not only features free images but also some videos for your creative projects.

Their collection includes categories, like: Abstract, Animals, Cinemagraph, Fashion, Automotive, Food, Street, Technology, Nature, Things, People, Wedding, Landscapes, Blur Backgrounds, Interiors, Still Life, Mock Up, Session, Bokeh.

stock photo from SpliShire depicting wedding flowers in a wooden box

Unlike other image sites, Travel Coffee Book simply lists all their images one by one in an endless scrolling page. It features images from all over the world: like a Bench for book lovers. Central Park, New York, dreamy Sunset in Hokkaido, Japan or The Pavilion of Prince Teng, Nan Chang, China.

It perfectly suits a travel blog. And your vision board of places to visit as part of your location independent online business. All images are listed under cc0.

A free high resolution photo every day in categories of nature, city & architecture, people, animals, food, technology, objects and abstract. Note that though all photos are free, some require attribution.

Whether you need images for your website or commercial use at Burst you’ll find stunning images including jewelry, home, technology, travel, work and more. I was hooked the moment I saw their dog collection.
And I’ve to mention the cinemagraphs & moving pictures. Those animated gifs feature trending products and are perfect for websites, ads, hero images & social media.

The following section is a collection of paid stock photo sites. You can join their various membership plans or cherry-pick from their image shop libraries.

Disclaimer: This section may contain affiliate links. I earn a commission or reward on all qualified actions or purchases made when you utilize these links.

Membership sites / Shops with stunning free-ish stock images

Moyo Studio offers a membership subscription, but you can browse their shop, too. They offer not only beautiful stock photos, flat lays, but also gorgeous mock-ups for presenting your designs on

  • your website,
  • social media channels or
  • to your clients.


My current favourite is the Pink Collection.
This collection features a gorgeous palette of cool greys with complementary dusky pinks. With minimalist stationery flat lays, stylish interiors, lazy bed scenes with crisp linens and luxurious crushed velvet cushions- this collection is ideal for Instagram!

Click the below image and grab this collection.

If you sign up to their email list you get 20 free styled stock images instantly. That gives you the opportunity to test the waters and see if they fit your brand and business. Social Squares images are used by Vogue Wedding, Whippy Cake, Brides. As always the membership comes with unlimited image downloads and with bonus subscriber content.

Tide & Tree’s collection is the right choice for you if you’re looking for rustic, authentic & organic stock images for your business or projects. The membership includes also presets, and templates for small creative businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs.

If you take her fun quiz you can get a taste and grab 9 free stock images of your choice! I’m an “uplifting dreamer” by the way.

Death to Stock offers a collection of ‘non-stock’ photos & videos. These are not your everyday images that you see in most stock libraries. Take advantage of the 14-day trial and look around in their curated library. You can choose from +3,500 PHOTOS once you subscribe.

If you sign up for their email list you’ll occasionally get free photo packs to kick off new projects & ongoing prompts and experiments to keep you fueled and inspired.

If you’re looking for delicate line art logo templates, animated Instagram posts or stories, branding kits, flier templates or business card templates – don’t look further!

And don’t forget to check out Agata’s freebie library: you’ll be amazed! Because you can get your hands on some lovely photos and social media goodies.

As a starter joining their mailing list gives you 21 free stock images instantly and new freebies monthly. Once you’re hooked, their membership offers a curated collection of gorgeous styled stock photos, created specifically for women entrepreneurs, containing lifestyle images, desktop images, paper, frame, tech and mug mockups in a variety of color to choose from. Not to mention those pre-made social media graphics.

CreateHer Stock is the perfect choice for content curators and if you’re looking for images featuring women of colour. If you don’t want to commit to their membership, you can browse soon their most popular photo collections. The categories include wellness, business, lifestyle and desks.

By the way by signing up to their list you get 15% off any subscription. Because who wouldn’t want to save money, right? And talking about savings, check out also the freebie library, as it has over 180+ images!

Pixistock offers a free batch of stock photos and graphics every months, if you subscribe to their email list. Beyond that you can browse their stock photo shop and buy from their collections.

Or become a member and get access to 2000+ styled stock images and graphics templates, like Canva e-book templates among others.

Their membership library showcases a large variety of styles (because not everyone looks good in pink and gold), and enough images to never run out of content. There are over 2500+ images inside the member exclusive library so chances are pretty high you’ll find plenty that match your business and style.

If you want to get a taste first, sign up for their list and download the current month’s free set. Plus you’ll be emailed every month additional free photos. Or check out the perfectly curated bundles of 10-15 images and pick your favourite.

If you sign up you get 50 stock photos right away and more each month.
She Bold Stock offers beyond the stock images also Canva templates including lead magnet toolkit, checklists, ebooks, and over 500 quote graphics.

And the best of it is that you can get a sneak peak at their image library!

If you’re looking for fun, lifestyle and tropical photos don’t look further. BeachBabe Stock’s collection includes images in the following categories: women at work, colorful flat lays, lifestyle, health, tech and work life balance.

You don’t need to commit to a membership right away. Just browse through their shop and pick the right bundle for your business or social media feed.

Kate Max Stock positions itself as the largest styled stock library. One thing is for sure. If you’re need stunning, modern, feminine stock images, then you can find it here: from lifestyle to mockups, to business, to daily life, Kate’s got you covered.

You can join the membership plan or browse through the shop. I’m in love with the images filed under color green and the luxe winter bundle.

Which stock photo site is your favourite?
Are they missing from this list?
Drop me a comment below with your favourite stock image site and why you like them.


Blog post featured image photo credit: MOYO studio (referral link)

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