4 colour palettes you can steal

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4 free colour palettes with HEX codes

Scroll below and take these gorgeous free colour palettes and use them in your next graphic or web design project. HEX codes are included for your convenience!


Why am i giving them for free? You may wonder. 


Colours make life worth living

But at least – I bet you’d agree with me when I say that – they make it more enjoyable and fun.

The other day after dinner we got cozy on our couch with my husband and had a Netflix night. Nothing special. A regular family evening you could say, but it got me thinking how much changed since my childhood.

What does it have to do with colours?
Just bear with me a second.


I still remember that time of black and white TV shows and cartoons. Not that they weren’t produced in colour. You see, our old TV back then wasn’t capable yet to receive it that way. It was a BIG day in my life, when my father finally bought us our first colour TV. He was (and is still) my hero!

For me as a kid it was so exciting and a whole new perspective.

Now, imagine a world without colours

It would be dreadful!

The first few photographs of me are all in black and white. My uncle took them with his old camera and developed them in his shed in the backyard. So I was told.

They are a reminder of good old times. And I like to take a look at them from time to time but then I let my imagination run wild and colour them now in my head. I can’t help it, that way they simply look better!

I admit, I can’t even picture it what it would like not having colours around us.

To talk shop a bit, I hope you don’t mind: colours are not only an essential part of branding and website design, but are also an integral part of our lives.

Our skin has a certain colour, our everyday objects, our immediate surroundings, the food we eat, nature around us: we experience the whole world in colours.

Everyone has an immediate and instinctive emotive connection to them.

As an act of paying tribute to these small everyday wonders we call colours, I present you with some

free goodies

As a bit of a teaser and appetizer for my upcoming blog post series about colours, find below 4 colour palettes.

Feel free to use them as inspiration in your next project, whether you are

  • creating a brand,
  • building your website,
  • making an infographic or
  • painting a still life.


I’ve also included the HEX codes so you can add those into any designs you may be creating in Canva, Photoshop or Illustrator.

Yes, I am that nice!

If you like what you see, don’t be shy and spread the word. And don’t forget to pin it to your boards.

The HEX codes are always listed from left to right. Explanatory colour names were inspired by or directly taken from coolors.co:

Dark green: #053505; Asparagus: #A3A468; Telemagenta: #C82E6A; Puce: #C67E92; Dutch white: #EED5BF


Quartz: #4A4853; Ming: #22757B; Silver sand: #B3C3C3; Pale chestnut: #E3B4BA; Tuscany: #C1A49C


Sepia: #6C4C0F; Brown: #9B4F11; Rust: #BF4F0D; Fawn: #DBAC78; Dark Vanilla: #CCC098


Prune: #71152A; Shadow blue: #6E80A4; Antique fuchsia: #996080; Red-brown: #A62331; Columbia blue: #C9D9E6


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