6 reasons why to use WordPress for your website

We live in a world where everything changes. And your website is no exception. Choosing WordPress for your website means though that you can do updates on your own, without breaking the bank.

Because even if blogging full time is not your ultimate goal, once in a while you may need to update your contact details, your service offerings or you’d want to upload a new range of products. Such small modifications don’t necessarily mean a change in the web design. They often focus on the copy text, or maybe a few images get replaced.

If you need to contact your web developer for any such small amendments, that’s gonna cost you.

Here’s where a content management system (CMS) like WordPress can help you. WordPress stores your content and makes it easy to create and publish webpages. Not just blogs. And for this you only need a domain and a hosting service.

WordPress can be an excellent choice for small business websites. And not just because it’s the most popular website management system in use. But this is a good reason, too. If big names like Sony Music, BBC America or The Walking Dead – AMC are using WordPress on their websites, than yours will be in good company.

But beyond these, why to use WordPress for your website? Let’s see.

Reason 1: WordPress is easy to install

Everybody wants everything now. No one likes to wait. And no one is thrilled to go through a lengthy and complicated installation process. With WordPress it’s easy-peasy. It only takes a matter of few minutes and you’re ready to start building your website.

Reason 2: A WordPress website is cost effective

WordPress is an open source framework which means that anyone can change it according to their needs. You only need to pay a web designer/developer if you want a custom-built solution. Otherwise you can browse through the many free and premium WordPress themes and build your website with them. Your written content, images and chosen web fonts would make your website unique enough despite the fact that you used an existing theme for the website layout.

In case of a WordPress website the typical cost means your domain and web hosting service. But beyond that you can build a WordPress website using free themes and plugins. For small businesses starting out this can be a good solution.

Reason 3: WordPress has tons of plugins

Ok. Not tons. But when I checked today it had more than 55.100 plugins. And that gives a lot of customization options for basically anything you’d need for your business website.

There are plugins to help with:

  • designing eye-catching contact forms;
  • improving your website’s SEO score;
  • protecting your blog from spam comments;
  • securing your website with firewall and malware scanning features;
  • tracking your website analytics.

And the list goes on. Really impressive!

Reason 4: WordPress is easy to maintain

Easy maintenance means that once you’re website is up and running you can update your content on your own. And with the help of the above mentioned themes and plugin arsenal you can change its design and extend your website’s functionality without the need to hire an expert or to learn code.

Reason 5: WordPress can run your e-commerce store

With the Woo commerce plugin and the several additional plugin extensions you can build a web shop that you may not even thought you could. If you’re a small business with a product range of 500-1000 items, a Woo commerce store could be a smart choice.

Reason 6: WordPress is SEO friendly

Search engines love WordPress web pages because their simple and straightforward structure makes it easy for them to index their content. With additional free plugins you can quickly define your meta descriptions, key phrases, and you can optimize your written content.

Plus as WordPress is responsive, you can make your website available for mobile consumers without the extra effort to create new, dedicated pages for mobile devices. This also works in your favor when it comes to search engine optimization and search result rankings.


Building a small business website with WordPress is a smart choice. WordPress itself is free, which makes it affordable if you’re on a smaller budget. There’s a lot of support material available in many languages so that you can start small and expand your website’s features as your financial situation changes.

If you want to give it a try to build your website on your own, then browse through my ever-growing website related posts in the website design category.

And if you have any questions or would like a pair of professional eyes to review your website from a technical and user experience point of view, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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2 Responses

  1. Great article – it outlines all of the reasons I love WordPress.
    I have been designing and developing websites with WordPress for a little over 10 years now. It’s been amazing to watch as it has evolved from a pretty basic blogging platform to a very versatile and scalable web platform, up to and including e-commerce!

    1. Thanks for commenting. I’ve just started designing in WordPress since last year but I really love it. Indeed it’s very versatile and with the many themes and plugins that are available the possibilities are endless.

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