About me – without the boring bits

Petra Molnar graphic and web designer

Hi, I’m Petra Molnár!

Nice to meet you!

I was born in Hungary but as life is full of adventures and unexpected turns, I ended up living in Dublin, Ireland.

I speak Hungarian with my husband, but conduct my business and everyday life in English.

Since my kindergarten years I’ve been learning German though in Dublin I have now little room for practicing it as much as I wanted.

I’m working on my Spanish now. You just can’t know enough languages!

I’ve always loved sketching as a child but as years passed by other things gained importance in my life. And I’ve somehow forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Until recently, when after 20 years (!) of my high school graduation I enrolled to a graphic design associate program.

And now I’m doing professionally what I’ve always dreamed of. Dreams indeed come true!

I am fascinated by street art.

Also, I love everything green: the colour itself in all its shades and tints. The endless green landscapes (luckily there is plenty of that here in Ireland), the lush tropical forests, palm trees, indoor and outdoor plants in general.

My ultimate favourites of the potted plant variety are cacti and succulents.

My favourite quote:

Pablo Picasso's quote on artists

Random fun facts

If I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing now, my dream job would be of a bookbinder. I would specialise in the Japanese stab binding method.

I do not own a car. Never had one. I somehow always managed without it.

I regularly work out: either in my local gym or in the lovely Phoenix Park. The best creative ideas always hit me while jogging. And you can meet the deers!

Favourite drinks: coffee, Irish whiskey, wine, tap water – not necessary in this order.

Favourite meal: steak, sushi, hummus – to be honest with a few exceptions I eat everything if prepared well.

Favourite dessert: somlói galuska.

My dream trip destination: New-Zealand, Canada & Petra.

I collect wine corks.

I am afraid of spiders.

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