The Beginner-Friendly Guide to Marketing Through Email

If you’re a small business owner who’s ready to start building an email list. You’re passionate about your work, and you want to impact more people.

If you’re ready to develop your own go-to process and email marketing strategy. You’re committed to taking the time and effort it takes to succeed with email marketing.

But you’re unsure how to move forward.
Because those first few steps can be intimidating.

Then let me be your guide on this exciting journey to email marketing and give you something to help with those first steps.

Hi fellow small business owner!

I’m Petra Molnár,

a certified email marketing consultant, a Flodesk expert, and the founder of ARRA design studio.

I created The Beginner-Friendly Guide to Marketing Through Email with small business owners in mind who are new to email marketing and are looking for a resource with practical tips to help them get started.

What's inside?

The Beginner-Friendly Guide to Marketing Through Email

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Five Chapters

The Beginner-Friendly Guide to Marketing Through Email is a 63-page guide broken down into five digestible sized chapters.
They walk you through the core steps on how to set up and refine your email marketing game plan.

Practical Worksheets

If you ever wondered how to find out what your audience needs or wants. Then use the tips and the handy worksheets to outline your ideal audience profile, and the topics they’re are eager to read about.

Email Marketing Framework

You also need to map out your email marketing strategy, so that you can generate profit from your email marketing efforts.
Chapter 3 gives you the overall framework on how to do just that.

And Much More

And if writing effective emails, planning your email frequency and selling your offers through email is also on your to-do list.

Then check.
And check.

Because all this is included.


Setting up email campaigns can feel super intimidating but not with this guide. The Beginner-Friendly Guide to Marketing Through Email walks you through step by step how to effectively connect with customers, clients and your community. Essentially, all you’ve wanted to know about email marketing is in here. Plus, the easy to follow worksheets will have you taking action and moving forward. In no time, you’ll be ready to hit send!
photo of Marva Smith Coach
Marva Smith
Chief Strategist

As you go through each chapter, you will find practical Action Prompts accompanied with topic-relevant worksheets to help you:

  • Find the right email marketing platform for your business
  • Brainstorm about topics for your emails
  • Create an ideal weekly email schedule
  • Track the profitability of your email campaigns
  • just to name a few.


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