A Crash Course in SEO & Keywords Research

If you’re a small business owner passionate about your work, and you want to help and impact more people. But you're struggling with how to make sure that people find your business online.

If you know that search engine optimization and finding the right keywords are essential for your online business success.

But you’re unsure how to move forward. Because all those technical terms sound too intimidating.
And you're simply lost where to start with all this.

Then let me be your guide on this exciting journey to SEO & Keyword Research, and give you something to help with those first steps.

Hi fellow small business owner!

I’m Petra Molnár,

a certified web designer, email marketing consultant, and the founder of ARRA design studio.

I created this Crash Course in SEO & Keywords Research with small business owners in mind who have built their own websites and are new to search engine optimization. If you’re looking for a resource with practical tips to help you get started with SEO and Keywords Research, this mini-course is meant for you.

What's inside?

A Crash Course in SEO & Keywords Research

How do search engine work?

“Although the number of websites as of 2020 online is not short of two billion, only a small number of these are active. In fact, only about 200 million websites are active.” (via TechJury)

Among all of those many pages, how does Google decide which content to rank at the top of its search results?

Why is SEO necessary for your online business?

When you design your website and write your content according to search engine requirements, you effectively communicate what your web pages are about. So they can get your content in front of the people who are looking for precisely what you have to offer.

How to design your content, so you get found online?

While including keywords and related phrases is needed to tell search engines what your content is about, the same is true for other factors. Effective search engine optimisation means including clues in your coding and website design to keep the search engines happy as well.

And Much More

If you want to learn what keywords are, and how to choose the most relevant keywords for your business. Or how to actually perform a keyword research. And what’s the best way to track and measure your SEO efforts.

Then check.
And check.

Because you’ll find all this in this self-study mini-course.


As you go through each chapter, you will find practical Action Steps to complete.

These give you hands-on experience that will dramatically improve your understanding of keywords and search engine optimisation for your online marketing success.

They will help you apply what you learn directly to your business and your life, maximizing the investment you’re making.

Use the Action Guide to record your

  • answers,
  • insights, and
  • other notes

for the Action Steps, which are outlined in your Course Book.

Get instant access to the Crash Course in SEO & Keyword Research.


After purchase, you will get four PDF files:

  • 71-page Self-study Course Book
  • 20-page Action Guide
  • 37-page Summary Cheat Sheet
  • Bonus: SEO Publishing Checklist

Due to its size, it’s best to download it on your computer on a steady internet connection.

Note this is a digital product, and no physical item will be mailed to you via post. Digital products are automatically delivered after purchase and are not eligible for returns or refunds.


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