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Flodesk: mini FAQ and quick tips to get you started swiftly

As Flodesk is still in its beta launch mode I’ve collected some FAQs and quick tips that could be useful if you’re new to Flodesk. And to email marketing in general.

Flodesk is a new emerging email marketing platform and many small business owners and creatives are taking it for a test ride recently before subscribing for the service.

As Flodesk is still in its beta launch mode and new features are being implemented in the coming weeks and months, there are lot of questions asked how certain things can be done with what’s available currently.

In this blog post I’ve collected some FAQs and quick tips that could be useful if you’re new to Flodesk. And to email marketing in general.

Note that as features are released frequently this mini FAQ reflects a few common questions and answers as relevant on October 10, 2019. For the latest information join the Flodesk Insiders Facebook group and consult regularly the Flodesk Help Center articles, too.

Disclaimer: the Flodesk link is an affiliate link which means I get a commission if you purchase through me, but you’ll get 50% off your Flodesk subscription too.

email template samples on Flodesk homepage

Q: When I try to upload my logo in the brand preferences, and I click on the “upload logo” nothing happens.

A: If that happens try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page. If that doesn’t work, try it in a different browser. Sometimes browser plugins can block the file upload pop-up!

Q: I’m at creating a workflow for an email sequence for an existing segment. For the workflow trigger it only allows me to choose “when a new subscriber is added…”. Is there a way to run a workflow on an existing segment?

A: There isn’t at the moment! Flodesk is working on this issue in the coming months as part of their core functionality updates. In meantime, the workaround for this would be to re-upload to the segment.

choose trigger to begin workflow

Q: I designed the first email in the workflow and want the rest of the emails to have a similar layout. How can I duplicate that email in the workflow?

A: Save it as favourite and then reuse it. When you design an email there’s a heart symbol in the top left corner. When your email is done, click the heart to save it to your favorites.

Your favorite emails are stored among all the available email templates. It’s the second option in that list.

save email to favorites in Flodesk
favorite emails in Flodesk

Q: I created a new email in a workflow sequence, but that email doesn’t show up in my main “emails” tab in Flodesk. How can I get it to show up with my other emails?

A: Go to the workflow in edit mode, select the email and choose edit. When the email designer opens, look to the left margin and you should see a heart. Click the heart and that email will be added to a favorites section in the templates. You can then use it as a template to create any other emails you’d like.

Q: If I add a new email to an existing workflow in Flodesk, will my subscribers that have already finished the workflow receive that new email?

A: No they won’t.

Q: Is there a way to have them receive new emails in a workflow? I’m always adding to my automations.

A: Flodesk will be adding this option in the coming months. In the meantime, you can add a 100-day time delay to the end of your workflows in case you want to add on anything else.

Q: Is it possible to post a video into Flodesk email?

A: Video can’t be embedded into emails. Like, at all. The best you’re going to get in any email platform is a Gif.
Take a screenshot of your Youtube / Vimeo etc. with a play button on it and add that image into your email. Then, link the image to your actual hosted video!

Q: Can I have two separate business accounts in my Flodesk account? I see there’s only one area to add brand details.

A: Flodesk allows you to send emails from multiple sending addresses, so you can use it for multiple brands.
For a more detailed explanation check the following support article in the help center: I have multiple brands. Can I send emails from all of them in my Flodesk account?

Q: When I try to create a post on my Facebook page using the URL for my Flodesk landing page, the image that comes up is a generic Flodesk image. Is there a way around this?

A: There’s a workaround for this as described in the How do I edit the image preview when I share my full page form:

  • Take a screenshot of your full-page form
  • Paste the screenshot into your social media post as an image first
  • Add the URL link of your Flodesk full-page form to the post beneath the image
  • Delete the automatically generated preview

Q: Where can I find the ‘media library’ in Flodesk? I haven’t seen a way to store images on my account.

A: Flodesk doesn’t have a media library and it was a very intentional decision on their side. They designed the system this way to keep things clean and simple. And also to encourage members to use up-to-date content in their creations instead of using the same images over and over. Audiences love seeing fresh images all the time!

To speed up the process create a folder on your computer and collect there all images you intend to use with your Flodesk email campaigns and newsletters. And upload them as you design your emails.

Q: I’m at making a template from scratch but can’t find the “handwriting” type fonts. Are they only available in preset templates?

A: The way the fonts are set up in Flodesk is very much by design! Certain fonts are only available in the so called layout blocks and not in the text blocks. Check out the help article Why am I not seeing custom fonts in the email builder Text Block? for more details on it.

layout block in Flodesk
script fonts in layout block

Q: I made my first newsletter and scheduled it for next week. How can I go back to edit it?

A: Under the “Emails” section where you should see your email in sending mode, click the 3 dots (•••) in the upper right-hand corner of the email. At the bottom of the options is Cancel. Select cancel and then you should be able to edit it again. Once you’re finished, reselect your preferred send time.

cancel scheduled email in Flodesk

Q: How can I send myself a test email in Flodesk?

A: When you finished editing an email in the top left corner there is a paper airplane icon. Click that and you can send a test email to yourself.

send test email in Flodesk

Q: Can I add to a work flow anytime?

A: You can add to a workflow anytime but it would only affect new subscribers and subscribers who are already in the workflow before they reach the point of what you would be adding.

Until Flodesk releases the ability to add a new step and have it apply to completed workflows you can add a 100-day time delay to the end of your workflows in case you want to add on anything else.

Q: Is there a way to remove templates from my favorites?

A: Go to your favorite emails library, hover over the email that you want to remove. There will be 3 dots on the top with Action > Remove from favorites.

Q: In my workflow I have a condition set for opened emails yet everyone is being sent to “No”. Even though the open rate is almost 50%. Why is this happening?

A: Do you have a time delay between your email and your condition? Because you should have at least a 24 hour time delay between the two. The system needs to know how long to wait to check to see if the emails were opened! The way it’s set up now, the system checks for an open immediately after the email is sent which is always going to result in a “no” condition.

Q: Is it possible to resize the logo image block?

A: Absolutely!

  1. Click the image or logo block in your email to select it.
  2. Hover over the image or logo inside the block and notice the black triangle on the bottom right-hand side. Click and drag this corner to resize your image or logo:

Q: Can I edit a workflow after it’s published?

A: Of course. Pause it first by clicking the 3 dots on the top, then click “edit”. Once finished don’t forget to publish it again!

pause workflow in Flodesk

Q: Is there a way to name/rename my workflows in Flodesk? I have several opt-ins running on my website and I want to be able to easily identify each linked workflow.

A: Yes, you can do that. First you need to pause the workflow by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner like explained above. When the workflow is paused click again the 3 dots and a new drop down menu will appear with the option to rename it.

Q: How can I personalize the email with merge fields? I want to be able to include first names or personalized info inputted through CSV file.

A: When you write an email, select a text block and then on the right hand side in the edit options the second tab is Fields. You can select for personalized greeting e.g. the First name option, and you can also add a fallback.

personalize email with first name field in Flodesk

Q: How can I remove the last name field from my inline form? I only want to have “name” and “email address” and NOT last name.

A: Go to your inline form in edit mode. Click somewhere on the screen outside of the form itself. Then at the right hand side the second editing tab is called Fields. Deselect there the last name field and you’re done.

Q: I imported a CSV from my current email marketing provider with about 1000+ email addresses, and it says I have only 520 subscribers. What am I doing wrong?

A: As Rebecca Shostak explained:

“Flodesk has a special technology that checks for bounces when you upload your list, so if you’re seeing a lot fewer emails it could be that they bounced immediately. I’ve also seen lists added that have a lot of duplicates. Since we only count subscribers once, duplicates could be a factor here! Try clearing your browser cache and trying again, but if it comes up the same every time it’s almost certainly duplicates / bounces in your list!”

If you enjoyed reading this you might want to check my previous post about how to build an email list from scratch with Flodesk, where I walk you through the following topics in more details:
  • What is Flodesk and how does it compare to other email marketing providers
  • Is Flodesk the right choice for your business?
  • Inside Flodesk: the four main sections – Emails, Audience, Forms, Workflows
  • How to transfer existing subscribers from MailerLite (or your current provider) into Flodesk
  • How to set up your brand preferences in Flodesk
  • HubSpot’s top strategies on how to build an email list from scratch – how does Flodesk score?
Also, when you work on your freebies and let’s say you want to go beyond a pdf booklet, cheatsheet or checklist as your lead magnet, you up your game easily with Flodesk. Even in their current beta launch version you have every ingredient to wow your audience with an email course or 5-day challenge. In my blog post How to set up an email course opt-in with Flodesk I break down the steps how I created one. Use it and tweak it according to your needs.
Love what you’ve seen in this post, and want to check out Flodesk?
Click on my invite link.
Or if you’ve already signed up for a free trial but want to get the discounted offer, use the code ARRADESIGNSTUDIO to get 50% off your subscription for a lifetime! Just add this code before you’d complete your membership purchase.
Should you have any questions about Flodesk, leave me a comment here under this blog post and I’ll get back to you. Wishing you happy emailing and email list building!

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4 Responses

  1. Hi! Loved this post. I am new to email marketing and this FAQ article was really useful! An additional question I have is this: I have a freebie/lead magnet AND an opt-in on my website to build my email list. I want both to lead to a welcome sequence, but I don’t want people who sign up both ways to get the welcome sequence twice. How do I set up these workflows to prevent people from getting the welcome sequence only 1 time, even if they sign up both on my site’s opt-in and for my freebie?

    Thanks! v

    1. Hi Val!
      Welcome to Flodesk and email marketing. You raised an excellent question. Flodesk has a built-in technology ensuring no one gets the same email twice.
      As you have two entry points in your email marketing – via a freebie/lead magnet and an opt-in form – follow these steps:

      1. Create a segment for those who sign up for your freebie/lead magnet. I will call this ‘Freebie Segment’ (but you can name it however you want of course).
      2. Create another segment for those who sign up via the opt-in form. I will call this ‘Opt-in Segment’.
      3. Create a third segment that will host those who go through your welcome sequence. I call this ‘Welcome Segment’.

      1. Create a workflow that is linked to the ‘Freebie Segment’ and that would contain one email which delivers the freebie. Then add a new step in the workflow called > Action and set it to move subscriber to a new segment & Choose the ‘Welcome Segment’.

      2. If you plan to give a free gift to those who sign up via the opt-in form, set up a workflow linked to the ‘Opt-in Segment’ that would deliver them the freebie/gift. Then move them over via the Action step to the ‘Welcome Segment’.

      3. Create the third workflow that is linked to the ‘Welcome Segment’. Add all the welcome emails you plan to have in this series.

      The logic is as follows: if someone uses the same email address and uses the opt-in route, they will go through your Welcome Series emails. If they later on sign up for your freebie/lead magnet, too, they will get the freebie via the first workflow. And when they are moved via the Action step to the ‘Welcome Segment’ and workflow, Flodesk will see that they have already completed it and won’t send them the emails.

      As always, this may seem complicated at first, so I suggest to make a sketch on a piece of paper that shows you all the steps, how they follow each other, how they are linked together.

      Let me know if you have any additional questions.

  2. Oh happy emailing!! I have tried them all I think and hated them too!
    Great articles on Flodesk! I recently started with them and I am loving it! So different.
    I will be returning to your site as you have been sooo helpful. Thanks.

    1. Hi Kathryn, thanks for commenting. I had only tested a few providers before (MailChimp and Mailerlite) but I like Flodesk very much. It perfectly suits my current needs and my email list size. I see great potential in it. If you have any questions, just let me know!

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