How does a Brand Board look like?

woman turning magazine page looking for brand board inspiration

Starting a business can be daunting and scary and you decided you won’t go it alone. You’ve entrusted me to work on your logo and branding.

Not because you can’t define your business aesthetics and its visual representation yourself. You’re as capable as the next person. You know that if you invest the time into thorough research on topics like

  • logo concept design,
  • colour theory and colour harmony,
  • typography rules,
  • layout design and
  • professional graphic design softwares,

– you would just rock it, as you always do.

But that’s it. Time.

Precious time, that you won’t get back and that you could have invested elsewhere and better:

  • into your actual business niche, and
  • serving your own clients and customers.

But what is a brand board?

Once you’ve approved all the logo and branding elements at the end of our creative project, I’ll present you as a parting gift with a one-pager document – among others. Consisting of all your design elements: your curated brand board.

The brand board should act as your main guideline or blueprint for all your business and marketing materials.

  • Every page on your website,
  • PDF guides,
  • booklets,
  • ads,
  • blog content,
  • catalogs,
  • sales collateral, and
  • any other designed material

should all use the exact same typeface combination from your brand board.

The main logo and its variants should stay consistent with the same

  • colouring,
  • spacing,
  • sizing and
  • placement across any other applications.


Think about it: how would you feel if every time you saw a brand it looked somehow different?

Your relationship would seem disconnected, and you might even have problems recognizing it. Is this the same business or just a failed copycat?

Sticking to the visual aesthetics from your brand board in anything that you do, will give your audience a seamless experience.

Wherever they find you – on your website, on social media, on printed marketing materials – they’ll recognize your unique brand style. And know immediately it’s you.

It builds trust and increases loyalty.

What are the elements on a Brand Board?

You may find several variations of brand boards when you browse online. Every designer has their own preference how they like to showcase what has been created for their clients.

When I’ll present you with your Brand Board it will display the following design elements:

  • primary logo
  • logo variants
  • submark
  • colour palette
  • typography, and
  • contextual elements.


Also, depending on your brand itself the board may contain additional textures and patterns. These can reinforce the overall theme and can serve as lovely backgrounds for text or for marketing campaigns.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, see below a real life example that puts everything I’ve talked about into context.

brand board sample with logo, alternate logos, colour palette and contextual examples
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