SEO and Marketing Made Simple (the Bundle)

If you’re a small business owner ready to create content for your online business the smart way. Content that helps to attract your ideal clients. That leads them to sign up to your email list.

If you’re ready to develop your own go-to process and emails marketing strategy. You’re committed to taking the time and effort it takes to master SEO and keyword research for your business.

But you’re unsure how to move forward.
Because those first few steps can be intimidating.
And you're simply lost where to start with all this.

Then check out this ultimate bundle on SEO and Marketing Made Simple.

Hi fellow small business owner!

I’m Petra Molnár,

a certified email marketing consultant, a Flodesk expert, and the founder of ARRA design studio.

I created this ultimate bundle SEO and Marketing Made Simple with small business owners in mind who are new to email and content marketing. And are also looking for a resource with practical tips to help them get started with SEO and keyword research.

What's inside?

SEO and Marketing Made Simple bundle

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Content Marketing Framework

Discover the four broad content areas that you're likely to use in any content marketing plan.
And create your content marketing framework with ease with the help of the included worksheets.

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Email Marketing Guide

Learn about the core steps of how to set up and refine your email marketing game plan.
Including how to find out what your audience needs or wants, writing effective emails, planning your email frequency and selling your offers through email.

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SEO and Keywords Research crash course

Master search engine optimization and keyword research with this jargon-free self-study crash course.
Starting from how search engines work, through designing your content to get found online by people who are looking for precisely what you have to offer, ending with keyword research best practices.

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Bonus: 7 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Website

While designing your website, you naturally want to create an online home for your business that’s appealing to your target audience. What can you do to make their experience as seamless as possible? Follow these seven simple solutions to improve your website’s user experience instantly.


As you go through the contents of this bundle, you will find practical worksheets, summary cheat sheets, and action guides to complete.

They will help you apply what you learn directly to your business and your life, maximizing the investment you’re making.

Get instant access to your copy of the SEO and Marketing Made Simple bundle.


After the purchase of the SEO and Marketing Made Simple bundle, you will get seven PDF files:

  • 71-page Self-study Course Book — SEO & Keyword research
  • 20-page Action Guide — SEO & Keyword research
  • 37-page Summary Cheat Sheet — SEO & Keyword research
  • SEO Publishing Checklist — SEO & Keyword research
  • 63-page guide – The Beginner-Friendly Guide to Marketing Through Email
  • 59-page guide The Smart Way to Create Content
  • mini-guide – 7 Simple Solutions That Will Instantly Improve Your Website


Due to its size, it’s best to download it on your computer on a steady internet connection.

Note this is a digital product, and no physical item will be mailed to you via post. Digital products are automatically delivered after purchase and are not eligible for returns or refunds.


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