The Smart Way to Create Content

This guide is broken down into five chapters, and introduces you to the four broad content areas that you’re likely to use in any content marketing plan, and gives you my best content marketing tips.


A Crash Course in SEO & Keyword Research

This Crash Course in SEO and Keyword Research will teach you

  • how to design your content, so you get found online,
  • what keywords are, and how to choose the most relevant keywords for your business,
  • how to actually perform a keyword research,
  • what’s the best way to track and measure your SEO efforts.

And much more!

Promotional image for The Beginner Friendly Guide to Marketing Through Email ebook

The Beginner-Friendly Guide to Marketing Through Email

This guide is broken down into five chapters and walks you through the core steps on how to set up and refine your email marketing game plan, including:

  • Finding out what your audience needs or wants
  • Mapping out your email marketing strategy
  • Writing effective emails
  • Planning your email frequency
  • Selling your offers through emails


SEO & Marketing Made Simple (Bundle)

Buy all three products listed above for a discounted price in a nice bundle. And get a bonus item that will help you improve your website’s user experience instantly.