Imagine a website that...

*provides an outstanding user experience,

*guides visitors effortlessly through your sales funnel,

*looks good on any screen size,

*loads swiftly, and

*is easily found in search results.

Sounds to good to be true, doesn’t it?
But here’s the thing:

You and your small business deserve a high-performing website.
And you shouldn’t settle for less.

How does it work?

Just give me your contact details and fill out a mini-questionnaire about your business and website at the bottom of this page.

Technical audit

I’ll analyze your selected web pages from a technical point of view:

  • looking at page load speed,
  • checking for broken links,
  • reviewing its SEO and conversion optimization practices among others.

User Experience audit

Then I’ll take a look at them from a user experience angle, like:

  • Is it easy to navigate around the site?
  • Does the layout and design support your business goals?
  • Are there any distractions on the page preventing your visitors to convert into clients?

You’ll be presented with a detailed pdf report listing all my findings based on 50+ criteria in a clear, jargon free language.

Don’t worry, I don’t speak any Klingon. I’m not that nerdy.

The report highlights high and medium impact improvement areas so that you can start fixing first what matters most.

It saves you time and money. And takes the guesswork out of the equation.

If you are the DIY-type solopreneur/small business owner, you can take the report as is, and start implementing the suggestions yourself.

Or Hire Me.
I’d be happy to bring your WordPress website to its next level. Or let’s just say: to its best level.

website audit criteria arranged as a word cloud graphic

Are you ready for a SMARTER website?
Let’s do this!

Your investment

€234 (~$263) incl. VAT* for the review of your Homepage and 3 additional pages of your choice. It could be your About, Contact, Services page, a specific Blog post or the landing page for your product or service.

You decide where you want to focus.

*Based on your business location, if you qualify, no VAT will be invoiced.

I can review and audit websites in Hungarian, too, and accept payment in Hungarian Forint (HUF). The review of the mentioned 4 web pages in total would amount to 75 500 HUF incl. VAT.

Do you want less (or more) pages included into the health check? No problem. I’ll give you a custom quote based on your specific requirements!

Invest into a website audit every few years

Technology changes rapidly. What was working fine and well three years ago may not yield the business results you hope for today.

Such a review can be beneficial if your website is underperforming. You feel that something is not as it should be. But it’s hard for you to figure it out alone. That’s why I’m here.

The website review and health audit checks your website based on 50+ criteria and can reveal structural and design flaws preventing your visitors to:

  • sign up for your email list,
  • buy your products,
  • inquire about your services.

It’s especially useful if you plan to redesign your whole website. The review can show you which parts do perform well and where you need to focus your improvement efforts.

So, what do you say? Are you in?

Upon receipt of your billing information, I’ll issue a pro forma invoice with a contract. Once the signed contract is returned and payment arrived, I’ll send you the final invoice. And start the website review and health check right away.

The standard package for the website review and audit includes the review of your Homepage and 3 additional website pages of your choice for the investment of €234 (~$263) or 75 500 HUF incl. VAT*.

*Based on your business location, if you qualify, no VAT will be invoiced.

If you want less (or more) pages included into the website health audit indicate it below!

Website & business details
Your Billing details